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  • $1,595.00

    FIC (Fuel Injector Connection) Big Bore Direct Injection High Volume Fuel Pump For GM Gen V V8 Applications

    Description: Mechanical fuel pump flow has been one of the primary limiting factors for the aftermarket when trying to increase the power output of the GM direct injection V8 engines. The Lingenfelter Big Bore direct injection fuel pump for GM Gen V V8 applications provides an increase in fuel flow capacity over the stock LT1/L86 […]

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  • $440.00

    FIC (Fuel Injector Connection) GDI LT1/LT4 High Flow Direct Injection Gen V V8

    High Flow Direct Injection for GM Generation V V8 Applications Price is per injector. These are designed for the new GM LT series engines. With a 30% increase in flow over stock LT4 injectors, these supply the needed fuel flow for high horsepower applications without having to resort to auxiliary fuel systems. These injectors utilize […]

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  • $1,240.00

    FIC 1300lb Injectors

    142 lbs@58 psi high impedance. 1500cc / 142lb at 58psi 1300cc / 125lb at 43.5psi Complete with tune data for efi live or hp tuners * Please Put in the notes what vehicle it is for!!! If you have a different intake manifold setup that comes on the vehicle etc please be specific!! 

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  • $1,430.00

    FIC 1650cc Injectors

    At 1650cc @4barThis Bosch EV14-based injector is the highest flowing high impedance performance injector compatible with all fuels, can be driven with the saturated drivers found in every OE ECU and most aftermarket ECU’s. complete with efi live or hp tuners data Height : 60mm or 48mm  (Let us know) Wire Plug : Uscar plug […]

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  • $1,240.00

    FIC 1700 Injectors

      For LS3, LSA, LS7, LS9 1700 CC @ 3 BAR All fuel compatible including Q16, methanol, and fuels with MTBE additive. Direct fit for your car. Wire adapters are included. These are plug and play.   * Please Put in the notes what vehicle it is for!!! If you have a different intake manifold […]

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  • $630.00

    FIC 850cc Injectors

    Flow-matched,fuel injectors can be custom fit to almost any US domestic, European import or Asian import application (please select from drop-down menu). • We supply all required o-rings, seals and adapters to properly fit your specific engine application. • “Plug and play” two-sided electrical connector adapters can be purchased separately and can be found on […]

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  • $635.00

    FIC1000 Injectors

    these are 95lb/hr at 3 bar or 103lb/hr at 4 bar. (58 psi fuel pressure) Each injector set is 100% matched. They have OUR MACHINE SS SINGLE TIP discharge plate for the best atomization possible, The deadtimes are provided with the set as well as the proper orings for a drop in installation. These are […]

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    FIC2200 Injectors

    FIC/ Bosch 2200 High imp injectors set. With all the adapters and wire plug to drop in a LS2 LS3 LS7 or LS9 GM engine. The standard length is for the LS3 and up, use the adapter provided for LS2. These will work with your stock computer. No driver box needed. tune files available on […]

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