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  • $2,999.99

    Prospeed ZR1 Complete Heat Exchanger System

    This a complete replacement of the OEM system, which very inadequate once any power modifications have been made. This system comes complete with our reprogrammed Stewert EMP WP29 water pump, which tied into our 1.00″ line sizes raises the flow rate from 6.3 gallons/min to over 12 gallons/min. The kit will also come with our […]

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  • $899.99

    Prospeed ZR1/C6 Dual Spal Fan Shroud Kit w/ PWM Control

    D3 Performance Engineering is proud to introduce a new product for the C6 Corvette platform, the D3 C6 Dual Spal Fan Shroud kit! This product was designed to help solve common issues associated with higher HP setups using higher spun superchargers that drastically increase pre intercooler temps which then gets transferred into the intercooler system. […]

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  • $699.00

    C & R Heat Exchanger Corvette ZR1

    Lower your IAT2 temps and keep them there with this fully TIG welded high quality heat exchanger. Lower IAT2 temps mean more horse power from your ZR1 Corvette.

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  • $799.00

    Katech Heat Exchanger Zr1

    Control those high IAT with the awesome Katech High Capacity heat Exchanger!!!   -Direct replacement for the stock cooler -Twice as thick -Greater coolant capacity

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