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  • $1,155.00$1,354.00

    FTI 6L80/6L90 Triple Disk Stall Converter

    Billet Lock Up Street Racer Torque Converters by FTI Performance – FTI Performance 9.5″ Billet Lock Up Street Racer Torque Converters offer Unbeatable Performance & Reliability for the Weekend Warrior. These converters have been 1.3 with ease in Chevy SS,G8,Corvette, Etc.   *These are built to order.. lead time is approx 3-5 business days   […]

  • $169.99

    Gforce Engineering 04-07 CTS-V Rear Driveshaft Adapter

    Our cnc machined billet driveshaft adapter allows you to bolt a 1350 series driveshaft to the OEM differential flange and do away with the problomatic cv joint style driveshaft. Adapter mates to Spicer 3-2-119 companion flange that is commonly used in making driveshafts. Gforce adapters are drilled for the larger 7/16-20 bolts, all hardware included. […]

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  • $1,049.99

    2004-2007 CTS-V 1-Piece DSS Aluminum Driveshaft

    Available now for the 2004-2007 CTS-V is our 3-1/2 aluminum shaft with Dual CV . We have done extensive testing with stock rears and with a 09+ in a 1st gen car and believe this to the the most cost effective trouble free drive shaft for the CTS available today. The shaft will come with […]

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  • $2,600.00

    Mantic 9000 Triple Disk Clutch kit

    This kit includes sprung center cushioned button type discs that offer a level of performance above organic discs, while requiring little compromise in driving style and vehicle usage. Mantic 9000 series clutches are triple disc, 9” (225mm) diameter modular clutches that are designed for high performance cars. Mantic 9000 series are low MOI (Moment of […]

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  • $800.00

    Mantic ER2 Single Clutch Kit

    Recommended to add new Slave,remote Bleeder and new GM pilot bearing which can be had on our website   Mantic Street with ER² is a clutch kit specifically designed for the performance market. It features the patented groove design, ER² which is CNC machined on the friction face of the pressure plate. Capable of transmitting greater […]

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    Mantic 9000 Twin Disk kit

    Mantic 9000 series clutches are twin disc, 9” (225mm) diameter modular clutches that are designed for high performance cars or track use. Mass is critical for a high performance clutch to produce the expected level of performance, and Mantic offers two levels of low mass clutches to allow you to optimize your vehicle performance to […]

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  • $3,395.00

    C6 Corvette Rps Billet Carbon LSX Triple Disc Clutch Kit

    The RPS Billet Triple Carbon has been designed and engineered especially for the LSX powered Corvette, ZR-1, Camaro, CTSV and GTO and the all new LT1, C7 and Stingray applications. The Ultimate high RPM, MONSTER POWER street and race triple disc clutch is available in 6 bolt (LSX), 8 bolt (LSA), 9 bolt (LS9), and 8 […]

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  • $2,495.00

    C6 Corvette RPS BC2 Twin Disk Clutch kit

    Rated at 750 lb-ft of torque to the tire!! RPS’s BC2 (Billet Carbon Twin) is the best value in full Carbon Twin Disc clutches on the market today. These clutches use our unique “Strapless” design with a new billet aluminum cover and pressure plate. This “Strapless” design replaces the traditional three strap system used to […]

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