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    FTI 6L80/6L90 Triple Disk Stall Converter

    Billet Lock Up Street Racer Torque Converters by FTI Performance – FTI Performance 9.5″ Billet Lock Up Street Racer Torque Converters offer Unbeatable Performance & Reliability for the Weekend Warrior. These converters have been 1.3 with ease in Chevy SS,G8,Corvette, Etc.   *These are built to order.. lead time is approx 3-5 business days   […]

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    Mantic 9000 Twin Disk Kit 2010+ Camaro

    Mantic 9000 series clutches are twin disc, 9” (225mm) diameter modular clutches that are designed for high performance cars or track use. Mass is critical for a high performance clutch to produce the expected level of performance, and Mantic offers two levels of low mass clutches to allow you to optimize your vehicle performance to […]

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